Qin [Fr] ERE Informatique 1988

The story takes place this time in China in 780 AD, in the context of Chinese mythology. The adventure begins in the family palace. You are the descendant of Liu, the brilliant architect of Emperor Qin's burial site. And this morning when you wake up, the vase porcelain present for generations in your family has a strange fascination to you. The objective of your trip will be to find the five parts of the plan that will lead you to the mythical tomb of the Emperor Qin. This is the last game of the authors of Sram and Sram 2. Technically the game is very similar to previous games and still works by parser, orders being captured in the verb and complement form. Every place has its graphic and sometimes will bring up a thumbnail showing the result, such as making a raft. The notion of time is used in the game because of the characters are present at certain times of the day. The game is longer than the Sram and also much more difficult.
French Full Demo 248kb (uploaded by Abandonware France)

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