Strider Double Helix / Capcom 2014

This Metroidvania-style platformer is considered a retelling of the first arcade Strider game with elements from the NES console game. As in the arcade classic game the story tells how the Strider organization sends their best assassin Strider Hiryu to kill the villain, Grandmaster, Meio in Kazakh City. The player can freely explore Kazakh in search for weapons and items. The main weapon is Cypher, a plasma weapon that can take several properties. Upgrades for the Cypher can be obtained by exploring Kazakh. Challenge Modes for Strider include Beacon Run and Survival. Beacon Run is a speed run-style mode that challenges you to record the fastest time while killing as many enemies as possible. Meanwhile, in Survival mode you'll face waves of increasingly difficult enemies who are outfitted with unique loadouts. The game will support global leaderboards for Challenge modes and the main story campaign, and you'll be able to unlock various costumes for main character Hiryu.
ISO Demo + pre-order bonus content 3.46GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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