I Spy / I Spy: School Days Black Hammer Productions, Inc. / Scholastic Inc. 1997

I Spy is the charter member of a series of games that teach visual discrimination, classifying and sorting, language skills, logic, and strategic thinking. Players are presented with a variety of tableaus in which they must find or sort objects. Players have a selection of nine games from which to choose: Oops Hoops, Wood Block City, Nature, Chalkboard, Balloon Popper, Codebreaker, Craft Projects, Make Your Own I Spy and The Find Me Riddle. In the finding games, a riddle is read in which certain objects in the scene are named. Players must then find the named objects and click on them. In the sorting games, players must sort a number of objects into categories. These categories are not named but must be inferred from the objects already in place. One game uses the treasures players gain for solving other games in the program. In 2000, it was reissued as I Spy: School Days with "dozens of new challenges" mostly that take place in one single game: Codebreaker.
I Spy: School Days (2000) ISO Demo 78MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 70MB (uploaded by anabate123)

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