Captain Scarlet : In the Shadow of Fear Europress / Carlton 2001

In the year 2068 a Spectrum mission to Mars lead by Captain Black goes wrong and a Martian city inhabited by the Mysterons is destroyed. The Mysterons kill Black, use their powers of retrometabolism to take over his body and declare war on Earth. Your mission is to help Captain Scarlet discover their plans and foil an attempt to blow up the Spectrum observatory on Earth. Crack the Mysteron codes to discover their plans, use your flying skills to safely land the Spectrum probes on Mars, pilot Rover vehicles through treacherous polar and rocky terrains, solving problems to find the Martian computer that holds vital passwords. Visit a fascinating and educational multimedia area to find out about the solar system, Mars and lots of interesting facts about the Captain Scarlet TV series, then test what you have learned with a fun quiz. With hours of action-packed fun, the various games teach sequencing, literacy, problem solving, computer skills, colour recognition and general knowledge about the solar system.
ISO Demo 149MB (uploaded by

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