Vampire Blaze [J] RED 2008

This is an excellent platformer akin to the old Castlevania formula but with less rpg elements and more action. It has improved controls, decent graphics and a catchy soundtrack. You start the monster hunt unarmed, but new weapons such as axes, knives, whips, crossbows and even guns can be acquired by destroying the many candelabras you will find during your adventure. Press the X key to attack, or tap the C key to jump. Hold the Z key to sidestep or block enemy attacks with your weapon. The left shift key can be used to pause the game at any time. Progress is saved automatically after the completion of each level, and players can continue their journey by using the resume option in the main menu. The Japanese language pack has to be installed to play, and the game will only run on displays configured with 16-bit color quality instead of the standard 32-bit. When starting Vampire Blaze, select the second option in the dialogue box for windowed mode.
Japanese Free Game (requires Japanese language installed) 28MB (uploaded by Springfiles)
Free Game 2D v2, Append file + Easy mode - Full Demo 34MB/34.9MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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