Ether One: The Restorer White Paper Games 2014

Ether is set in an alternative history world where mental disease and illness can be cured by individuals who possess the unique gift of ethereal projection. These so-called "restorers" can delve into the minds of their clients to fix their broken memories. In Ether you play as a restorer who has become lost in one of his client's minds, a mysterious woman named Jean. The restorer, now unsure of his own identity, will only recover his knowledge of who he is by exploring Jean's memories. This, however, can only be achieved via the discovery of three unique artefacts that eventually lead the restorer to understand his historical link with his client. Waking alone in a mysterious enclosure representing Jean's mind, you, the restorer, quickly come to realise that all is not what it seems. You will have to ask uncomfortable, unnerving questions about your own identity, your reasons for being where you find yourself, and your link with Jean's past. Only through the exploration of your environment will you find your answers - via artefacts that lead you into Jean's deep, broken memories. Strange, desperate scrawlings written by the mysterious 'T', and long forgotten marker stones found sparingly throughout Jean's mind will provide you with the clues you need to piece together who you really are, and who Jean really is to you. Featuring a distinct visual style, first person explorative game play, narrative-driven puzzle challenges and strange mysteries that can be lifted from the game via QR-Codes, Ether is set to tell a mature and fascinating story that will keep you immersed until the very end. It supports Virtual Reality devices. In Oct 29/2015, an enhanced version Ether One: Redux was released recreated entirely in UnrealEngine4 instead of UnrealEngine3 for the original game. This version was first released for the PS4 using the game's original name, and was made available for free on the PC for all owners of the original version through the Steam and GOG distribution platforms. The new version also introduces French, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish subtitles.
Ether One Redux - ISO Demo 943MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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