CastleAbra CastleAbra Studios / Facepuncher Worldwide 2014

A lonely, old wizard named Wizardo is hopelessly in love with the beautiful, young Princess Myrna Loo. Not realizing that he is forever trapped in the "friend zone" he makes a courageous attempt at winning her affection, and is politely declined. Not willing to accept his fate, he locks her in his castle with dastardly intentions of winning her over. Your role is to infiltrate the castle, befriend the wizard and work behind his back to rescue your beloved Princess. With well over a hundred items, 80+ rooms and dozens of characters, you are in for one EPIC adventure. It has an original soundtrack with 13 beautiful tracks. It's a dark romantic comedy the likes of which you've never seen. Now all you have to do is solve the mysteries of the ancient ruins, resolve an underwater love triangle, rescue the Unicorn (or Harpy) from that macho, Latin bull and unlock a dozen or so doors. And this is all before your side quest to to meet the wizard's flamboyant brother-in-law. Make friends and avoid being eaten by the colorful cast - greaser squids, punk flies and goth ravens are just some of the jerks you'll have to put up with. You'll also encounter drunken gnomes, heart-broken turtles, and lonely pirates. Who you help and who you betray will all play a part in getting you closer to your goal; a romantic date with that pretty Princess.
ISO Demo 322MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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