Powerpuff Girls, The: Defenders of Townsville Radiangames / Cartoon Network Games 2014

Use your arsenal of superpowers to stop Mojo Jojo's latest scheme in this brand-new Powerpuff Girls adventure shooter. Play as Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup as you explore the far reaches of Townsville, battling Mojo's evil robots in a quest to get all your powers back. Explore four vast areas in a sprawling "Metroidvania" style adventure. Use each girl's unique powers to unlock new parts of the map. Battle tons of evil robots with different behaviors and attack patterns. Tackle four titanic boss battles. Find hidden upgrades to empower your heroes and learn new abilities. Choose the Modern look from the Powerpuff Girls special or the Classic look from the original series. Mojo's Key Quest, a "New Game+" mode that lets you replay the game with remixed rooms and all 3 girls powered up. In March/2015, the game was pulled from sale due to a new version of the cartoon upcoming and has been unavailable since.
Full Demo 89MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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