Get Medieval Monolith Productions, Inc. 1998

A game amazingly similar to Gauntlet, Get Medieval pits you against the forces of yet another mad overlord intent on world domination. You play as either an elf archer, a barbarian warrior, an female knight or a wizard in top-down action gameplay where you rid dungeons and castles from evil by mowing down hordes of enemies and collecting gold and diverse artifacts that pop in your way. Players can find Attack and Defense Upgrades, but once you die you lose these upgrades. Also it can be played in 3 modes, Dragon Quest, Random Dungeon, or Custom Dungeon, and 4 difficulties Easy, Medium, Hard, Torture Chamber. It has 40 levels, and 20 types of enemies. Graphics are pre-rendered 2d sprites, and the game supports multiplayer gaming for up to four players at the same time either through Internet, LAN, or on the same PC! It comes with a world editor, which allows you to make custom levels.
Full Demo 98MB (uploaded by
Clone ISO Demo 270MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Polish Full Demo 101MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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