Garage: Bad Dream Adventure [J] Kinotrope 1999

This was originally released in limited numbers (3,000 units). It's a point-and-click game, directed by Tomomi Sakuba, that features bizarre, surreal, often nightmarish (as the title implies) and sometimes graphic imagery. The player controls a small alien-like robot, maneuvering their way through a barren, foreboding landscape of cracked wood paneling and old, rusting machinery, complete with creepy, lifeless faces. The eerie background music (or lack thereof, at times) only adds to the sense of impending danger, making for a very unsettling atmosphere. The basic gameplay seems resource oriented as the robot has two bars. Interacting with npcs engages some sort of item shop. The game is all pre-rendered and digitized and gives a real 90's feel to it. The music is very solemn and strange. LSD has a similar soundtrack ambiance wise.
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Japanese Clone ISO Demo 401MB (uploaded by Meddle)
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