Mystery in London Big Fish Games, Inc 2007

An antique collector goes to London on a shopping trip and stumbles upon clues about the Jack The Ripper case while searching the town for new items. This is a hidden object game that has panoramic locations, where the player can turn the camera 360 degrees, and look up and down. The screen panning can be turned off, and the location browsed through a series of static photos. The objective is to click on several required objects, or group of objects listed on the screen. This list of names is sometimes replaced by silhouettes. In some instances, the list disappears and the player must click on objects that are pulsating on the screen. Mini-games appear between chapters that are variations on classic games like concentration, reversi, word search, spot-the-difference and others.
Clone ISO Demo 148MB (uploaded by Egon68)
1-Hour Trial Demo 96MB (uploaded by Big Fish Games)
Full Demo 96MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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