Paper Monsters Crescent Moon Games, Robots vs Wizards, LLC / Strategy First, Inc. 2012

This is a platformer set in a world made of paper. It was once a happy land but then one day Lord Papyrus and his legion of paper monsters showed up doing the stuff that the bad guys usually do. Only one person can stop them, a little guy made of cardboard boxes. The game is very much a platformer in the traditional sense, sharing many similarities with the original Super Mario Bros games. The controls are as simple as can be expected with the player being able to move back and forth and jumping. Bad guys are taken out by simply jumping on them, unless they have spikes on the back. The player can collect buttons. Silver buttons are most common and are worth points while golden buttons, which are a bit harder to find, can be used to buy different outfits for the hero. For every fifty silver buttons a golden button is given. Each level also has three golden paper clips that the player can collect. If all three are found a bonus is given. The game is divided into four chapters each set in a different location. Each chapter consists of four levels and ends with a boss fight The locations have their own themes with different enemies. For example there's a winter themed chapter which features yetis and falling icicles while the western levels have snakes and cacti. In addition to the regular platforming there are also underwater sections where the player takes controls of a submarine and flying levels where a helicopter is used. Additionally there is also a bonus game called Drag 'n Dash. This is an endless runner where the player simply has to run as far as possible without dying. In 2014, Paper Monsters Recut was completely remade, added new levels, redesigned levels, space levels, more power ups, more bad guys, more of everything, full graphics overhaul including new lighting, animations, effects, and more.
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Paper Monsters Recut - ISO Demo 259MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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