Upptäck rymden med Mulle Meck [Sw] ELD Interaktiv Produktion AB / Levande Böcker i Norden AB 2004

This is the fifth game featuring the children book character Mulle Meck (known as Gary Gadget in the US). After building cars, boats, airplanes, and houses in previous games, this time he is exploring space. Mulle has moved into the observatory of a relative and at the same time a meteor has struck nearby. The whole community has been affected by the space fever and everyone seems to have a related errand for Mulle. The gameplay is similar to other games in the series. First of all the player gets to build Mulle's space rocket. Mulle's shelves are filled with different thingamabobs that can be used as parts. The player simply picks the parts he wants to use and drags them onto the building scene. When finished building the rocket he can send it out to the different planets in the solar system. Mulle can leave the observatory and explore the surroundings with his car. He will then get to meet different people that have errands that he needs to do. It's also possible to get new parts this way. Other things that can be done is study the constellations and to read a dictionary full of space facts.
Swedish ISO Demo 294MB (uploaded by Terje_P)
Swedish ISO Demo 405MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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