Das Geheimnis von Foody [G] MIT, ComUnique Marketing / Institut Danone for Nutrition 1995

When little Daniel comes home from school, he went straight to eating healthy. He's so fascinated by the subject in the classroom, that he was still reading in the textbook about it. Suddenly, the Foodys, sweet little aliens from the planet Foody appear and ask Daniel for help because the diet board has been destroyed in seven parts and is now guarded by nasty monsters. Daniel is naturally afire for the now upcoming platforming adventure. The graphics are really well done, and is comparable to commercial games of that time. The gameplay is also very interesting. In the game there are two attributes: fat and carbohydrates. Depending on what foods Daniel picks up in the game, they increase either the one attribute or the other. Carbohydrates cause Daniel to run faster and jump higher. Fat causes consequently the opposite. Daniel wears a can with lemon or a water gun. There are three different levels of difficulty and seven levels including a final boss which in promotional games is not always present.
German Free Game 4MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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