Lili: Child of Geos BitMonster, Inc. 2014

Lili is a quirky adventure RPG hybrid with stunning visuals, silky-smooth graphics, a cinematic story-line, and a fresh new way to deal with enemies. On the mysterious island of Geos, Lili will meet a number of hilarious locals, explore beautiful environments, solve some puzzles, and even challenge an oppressive regime or two along her way. If you've enjoyed Zelda, Broken Age, or Psychonauts come on an adventure with Lili! And if you have never played any of those games, come with us on a journey which will make your sides ache with laughter, where you will get to know and love Lili, and maybe even shed a tear or two. It has open and flexible gameplay and sports a huge number of quests and adventures for the player to experience. The player is free to mix and match and advance by fighting spirits or completing quests, or anything in between. Hidden throughout the game are a multitude of fun and exciting hats to collect and wear. Can you find them all? Every area of Geos has unique NPCs (45 in all) to interact with and talk to! And believe us, they all have A LOT of problems for Lili to help solve. Lili takes place on the beautiful and whimsical island of Geos. It takes full advantage of the ample power available in the modern gaming PC and a tour de force for UnrealEngine 3. There's 47 Steam Achievements to acquire andvery single Spirit in the game has its own leaderboard. Can you beat your friends' scores? Previously on iPhones and iPads, it now has lots of bug fixes, completely redone UI, updated and improved visuals across the whole game, more than double the number of NPCs in the world, and triple the number of quests and it's optimized for low end devices.
ISO Demo 1.14GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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