Decay: The Mare Shining Gate Software / Daedalic Entertainment 2014

A new episodic psychological horror adventure game from the creators of the successful Decay series that was available on XBL. Originally released in 2013, it is now available on Windows 8. Episode 1 + 2 Sam has ended up in an institution named "Reaching Dreams" to get rid of his drug addiction and his miserable life. But during the first night, something happens and he gets stuck in a nightmare that never seems to end. After walking up one morning you notice that everything has changed: the Reaching Dreams facility seems abandoned for years and a strange human-like creatures is roaming through its halls. Explore dozens of rooms using the directional keys located on the screen. If you see a magnifying glass over some objects, you can take a closer look at them and maybe find out or pick up something useful. There are some items that require your puzzle solving skills, while other your attention for detail. Inventory items can be examined and even combined so when you think you’re running out of options, check out your available items. It has amazing atmosphere, art and music, a scary and deep story, challenging riddles and puzzles, and you can unlock Awards and earn points. Episode 3 was released in Feb/2015 along with the first two in a Steam version that will bring Sam's journey to an end.
Episode 1 Trial Demo for Windows 8 157MB (uploaded by Softpedia)
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ISO Demo 954MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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