Nyctophobia Lightning Man Media 2015

You are stranded in desolate Lakeview Woods, plunged into darkness. As you move across unfamiliar terrain your flashlight battery drains with each passing second. Along the way you collect battery packs to keep your light burning bright so you don't get devoured by the night. But even greater danger lurks. "The Keeper" senses your presence in his woods. He watches and whispers secrets. You must unravel his puzzles to overcome your fear of the dark and bring back the light. Fight the fright. Find the light. Features: vast, immersive map filled with secrets and surprises; randomly spawned battery packs for a new experience every time; spooky 3d environment with vivid graphics; interactive storyline with cut scenes and journal feature; challenging Steam Achievements.
ISO Demo 518MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Level Demo 317MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

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