Big Top Funtastic, Inc. 1983

This is one of the first platformers designed for the pc. Big Top allows you to take on the role of Wendell, a rookie acrobat who must retrieve the ringmasters hats, and stop the chaos that resulted because of their disappearance. In your way are clowns that will hinder your progress, armed with the likes of knives and beach balls. One of the trickiest obstacles in each ring is the presence of evil clowns. Each ring spans across at least two screens, which was an unusual feature at the time. Each ring has an upper and lower level and as the levels progress, they get bigger as well as harder. As the levels are completed by grabbing up all of the hats in each ring, the clowns become more and more evil, and the platforms themselves become more difficult to negotiate. The platforms become smaller and the gamer has to really hone his jumping skills in order to make successful leaps. The jumping portion of the game is actually very difficult from the beginning, and it only grows more so.
Floppy Image ISO Demo + Flopper app 187kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Floppy Image ISO Demo 275KB (uploaded by Molitor)

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