Iron Mask, The [It] Ottavio di Chio / MediaLab SRL 1999

The beginning of The Iron Mask is based on the legendary figure of the Iron Mask, a mysterious individual protagonist of "Les Jumeaux" by Victor Hugo, masked and imprisoned in the dungeons of the Bastille a few decades before the historic French Revolution. In the game (set in the present day) you play as a Parisian thief named Efrem Treville, who inadvertently discovers the real identity of the man who lived behind the mask. Everything becomes a treasure hunt, the search of the truth behind the myth. The solution to the game could be figured out by visiting specific websites and telephone operators actually used to give clues! Of course at that time it was a really interesting experiment in terms of marketing, a combined use of information technology in the field of gaming. The soundtrack is from none other than the composer Madaski, who check sinto the game as well as "villain" of the story. The audio is of excellent workmanship, with music very appropriate that emphasizes the historical events. The graphics are cartoony, with some movies in FMV (as introduction). The game is in Italian, professionally voiced, but no subtitles.
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Italian ISO Demo 433MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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