4PM Bojan Brbora / 4PM GAME 2014

You wake up, your flat is a mess, you have a terrible hangover, sounds of the city and police sirens outside. Another day in in a life of Caroline Wells and her dull, corporate job. You get up, thinking that this is going to be just another day on your downward spiral, but what lies ahead are a series of life changing, cathartic experiences. 4PMis a short, experiential drama, where you lead a character through several different scenes/locations during a day, each with its own, unique gameplay, adding to a bigger story. It's a high production value, cinematic experience aimed at people interested in interactive story-telling, but without the complexities and reflex based natures of classic games. It doesn’t have an inventory system, health bars, it pulls you into this story and puts you in the shoes of the character. You are Caroline, you live her day, and you have to make some big decisions which will change the outcome of the game. It will try to create an interesting blend between linear, cinematic stories and interactive gameplay. It features: highly cinematic visuals, professional voice acting, orchestrated score, a dramatic interactive story with a twist, and different types of gameplay in each scene. This is not a typical, mechanics driven game, it is a short, interactive story with gameplay elements. If you are interested in something a bit different, experimental, then this is it, if you are looking for an open world, leveling up, puzzles and 10 hours of gameplay then this is probably not for you.
ISO Demo 1.26GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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