Dark Queen of Krynn, The MicroMagic, Inc. / Strategic Simulations, Inc. 1992

The is the third and last part in the Dragonlance RPG series using the standard game engine found in the Goldbox series (with slight enhancements). Evil, after failing two times before, finally tries to defeat Good and conquer the world of Krynn. This time, the Dark Queen herself will take command over the forces of Evil. Her aim is to enter Krynn, which would ultimately lead to the defeat of Good. The party's task is to prevent this. Characters from Death Knights of Krynn can be transferred. Graphics were improved, as the game could now display 256 colors. The game was more combat heavy than the previous releases in the series and there was less time spent in exploration mode. While the tone of the release was epic in scale, ultimately leading to an encounter with the dark goddess Takhisis, the game was marred by significant bugs.
Full Demo 2MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Full Demo / Portable Version 2.04MB/1.9MB (uploaded by Juego Viejo)
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included in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Collector's Edition ISO Demo 256MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Floppy Images ISO Demo 2.4MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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