Game Over Dinamic Software 1988

In a distant lost Galaxy in the immensity of the Universe, a gorgeous and evil woman had put under her with her intelligence and an immense army of Terminators of the five planet confederations located beyond Alpha Centauri. All the power of Gremla rested in the almost religious fidelity of her lieutenant Arkos; nevertheless, the intelligence of this Mega-Terminator of battle had evolved on the last ultraguarks in such a way that, finally, he left Gremla and he was united to the troops of the sidereal infantry, who commanded the general of the blue star Mc Killer. As far as the game in itself, it's frenetic arcade divided in two parts, in which when it stops to arrive at second, you needed a key access that you obtained at the end of first.
Spanish Full Demo 95kb (uploaded by Computer Emuzone)
Browser-Playable Spectrum Version *requires FXWebPLayer plugin (uploaded by FX Interactive)
Game Over + Phantis - Spanish Floppy Image ISO Demo (provided by basetta & upped by Scaryfun) 97kb

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