Barbie As The Island Princess Human Soft, Ivolgamus / Activision 2007

This follows the storyline of the popular DVD title in a fun party-style format. You'll play as Rosella, the shipwrecked princess, who is raised by a "family" of animal friends and rescued by the adventurous Prince Antonio from her tropical island. Through a series of mini-games joined by music and characters from the movie, you will venture from Rosella's island home to the Prince's coastal castle in a fun filled adventure! In each of these challenges you must earn points in order to acquire island roses. These roses are important because you can't travel on to the next location without them. Once you aquire enough flowers you'll be able to play new mini-games and unlock extra features, such as scenes from the movie and accessories that you can bedeck Barbie in when using the Dressing Room feature (which lets you dress Barbie in different outfits and nothing else).
DVD ISO Demo 1.91GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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