JumpStart Advanced K-2: Lost Island Quest Knowledge Adventure 2013

As the newest explorer to arrive on Lost Island, you’ll have lots of fun as you make new friends, discover new places, and learn all kinds of new things. The citizens of MarineLand need your help. Their underwater world has been taken over by destructive little creatures called Punk-Punks, and they are turning their wonderful ocean floor upside down. In each World, you'll earn sand dollars by completing learning games and missions that teach you about being a good friend, helping others, and learning to try new things. Start your adventure from the sign in screen and choose what you will look like in the Jumpee Quick Change. Learn how to move around the world and meet all your new JumpStart friends. Play fun learning games in Bubble Trouble to earn coins and sand dollars on your way to becoming an Honorary Citizen of MarineLand and getting a swim tail of your very own. There's more than 40 locations with 150 levels, and a deep story with high quality animations. Story and hidden objects are intrinsically connected in logical context. Search in many different ways with over 10 search modes such as; Silhouettes, Spot the difference, Word Lists, Speed Mode and tasks given my a character. Complete learning missions by doing things for your JumpStart friends. Just click on the "?" (question mark) button in the lower right corner of the screen if you ever need to know your mission.
Full Demo 253MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Trial Demo (uploaded by Wild Tangent)

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