Kurogane no Houkou 2 EX [J] Koei 2003

Using the design parts of as many as 1000 or more, you can build and strengthen the vessels of the original game. Engage in action battles of the types to clear missions. Lead the fleet of four largest ships. This "extra kit" alone has: 142 kinds of design parts, 19 types of increased hull design. An objective is obtained for vessels which are designed and equipped with the "design evaluation system". A battle map of 51 per side lets you prepare a new one. A new mission type is also added. When you add this "extra kit" + in the original game Kurogane no Houkou 2, you can design dependent vessels, 64 kinds capable of producing parts, 181 types of available parts are added. Continue to capture one after the other the naval battle scene renovation or supply routes. The "survival mode" debuts. Use the ship that was designed in the new "extra kit" and it allows you to play in a map of Kurogane no Houkou 2.
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Japanese ISO Demo 629MB (uploaded by Supernova)
Editor Utility 1.5MB (uploaded by Vector)
Japanese ISO Demo (mirror) 629MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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