Pong Pong's Learning Adventure: Mysteries of Human Body [Ru] DataSun Software Corporation / Buka Entertainment 2000

Poor piggy failed the exam on anatomy, and he's in big trouble. Who will help Piglet master this complex science and pass the exam with an "excellent" grade? Of course, Kirill - little wizard who takes the children on an amazing journey to the land of knowledge. At this time, we will explore the mysteries of the human body, and to help us there are dozens of the most unexpected and funny characters - from the teeth and the heart to the Monkey and the Apothecary. Each is ready to help Piglet - of course, if they're able to answer all your questions. Why do we blink? Why is there a fever? What is the muscle in the human body that's the strongest? How does the human ear work? Looking for answers to these and dozens of similar issues? Then let's go!
Russian ISO Demo 314MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Italian ISO Demo 285MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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