Pong Pong's Learning Adventure: Insects and Plants [Ru] DataSun Software Corporation / Global Star Software 2000

This is the first of a series of educational games about the adventures of a little pig named Piglet. How fun and serene days pass in the village of magical glade, where they live, Piglet and his friends. But to the village comes trouble: begins a drought, crops are dying , and all the inhabitants of the magic glades are facing imminent starvation, and possibly death! Who will save the baby animals that inhabit the village? Who will go to the south, across the Enchanted Forest full of wonders and dangers, to the famous Veg farmand get some food? Help the brave Piglet make this incredible journey!
Russian ISO Demo 381MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Italian ISO Demo 457MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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