Vintage Hero FrogTheDoor 2014

When Earth comes under attack by alien invaders, the peaceful denizens expect their old hero, Giga Man to once again save them. When it's clear he's too wrapped up in the tempting night life of the robot glitterati, it's time for a new hero to arrive. Help Floyd, an unassuming custodian at the county jail, his mentor Mac and his life long friend Kricket defeat the evil General and his invading alien army! Action, platforming, and everything you love about the 8-bit gaming era brought back to the modern world with a classic chip tune soundtrack and a gripping story. Over 25 unique enemies and seven punishing boss battles. Six challenging stages to play through in easy, normal and hard modes. Earn and use special weapons and items to defeat enemies and pass obstacles. Gain experience points to level up stats like defense or attack, and grow stronger.
Level Demo (uploaded by Desura)
Full Demo v1.0 53MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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