Tears Of Fury / Boksu Mujeong: Bunno-ui Nunmul [K] Family Production / SKC 1993

For the freshman work of one of Korea's most popular developers of the 1990's, Boksu Mujeong is surprisingly obscure. This is partly due to the fact that even Family Production didn't treat the game very well. It was their only title not included in a 1997 compilation of their works until then. But since Family Production the company still didn't exist when it was released, the rights for the game might have been with SKC. Only 2,000 copies of the game were sold. The futuristic action platformer was very obviously inspired by Prince of Persia, and uses similarly wonky controls. The hero wields a gun with limited ammunition, though, and can climb up and down poles.
Korean Level Demo 229kb (uploaded by Nemo838)

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