Catmouth Island Colonthree Enterprises 2014

This is an episodic point and click adventure game in low-poly 3D. You play as Mya, a 19 year old student who also has a thing for solving puzzles, and must guide her across the three islands that collectively form the Catface Islands (Catmouth island being the biggest). Meet and interact with the local population, trek in the mountains and go to the beach; all in the search for that next quest object to complete. Game features: the feeling of playing an oldskool adventure game but with a different graphical twist; N64-style low-poly models combined with today's technology; interact with a wide range of NPCs from humans to animals and other things - over 60 in total; two classes of NPCs - relevant and irrelevant, with a lot of things to say (relevant NPCs can have long dialogue trees); each episode will advance the game and the story through its characters and surroundings; just like the old adventure games you can take, use, combine, give and receive items to complete puzzles; explore the whole island group from the start - everywhere is accessible at any time; use the overlay map function to quickly move from area to area in case you are impatient; a bit more logic puzzle system that addresses the shortcomings of previous adventure games; horizontal camera rotation to look around the surroundings; and by massive request - a zoom-in function to study things up close.
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Full Demo - Build 20150312 (X64) 46MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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