Forgotten Saga [K] Sonnori Co., Ltd. / Phantagram Co., Ltd. 1997

Latein is a powerful kingdom that dominates the Asirian continent. One day, a party of adventurers enters the quiet town Gorax in Nubroier province. The four young people are ready to face any danger as long as the pay is right. They help a local millionaire to get his treasure back and hope to continue with similar missions. However, a simple request to deliver a letter changes their fate drastically. The adventurers are imprisoned by the authorities and need the help of a mysterious young woman they have met earlier to foil the evil plans of the Governor of Nubroier. This is a Korean-made role-playing game, and a side story to Astonishia Story. Like in the earlier game, combat is turn-based and contains tactical elements, as the player is required to navigate characters over the battle screen and attack enemies when they are in range of the characters' weapons, magic spells, and abilities. Unlike Astonishia Story, there is no overworld in the game, and it consists out of interconnected areas. In the beginning of the game the player answers a series of questions that will determine the attributes of the four core party members, in Ultima style.
included in Romance of Package - Korean 6CD ISO Demo 355MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
Korean 2CD + Patch ISO Demo 257+424+41MB (uploaded by

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