Blues Brothers: Jukebox Adventure, The Titus France SA 1993

This is the sequel to The Blues Brothers, taking them through different side-scrolling platform levels. There are also power-ups that can be gathered until the jukebox to progress to the next level is found. It features improved graphics, bigger levels, and naturally more records than ever to collect. The game stars the Blues Brothers, a duo of popular musicians comprising Jake and Elwood. The game is based on a hit movie of the same name, which was in turned inspired by the real Blues Brothers band (although the band members bore little resemblance to their movie counterparts). Gameplay is standard side-scrolling platform fare, except that various monsters, power-ups, and items are modified to fit with the Blues Brothers theme. Instead of shooting fireballs or laser, Elwood or Jake throws records (LP) that cut through monsters. These records are depletable, so you must be on a lookout to collect more of them whenever you can. You can control either Elwood or Jake, although they are not very different (Elwood, being a bit more portly than Jake, seems to move a bit slower though). With vibrant graphics, varied and inventive levels, and - of course - rocking Blues Brothers soundtrack, it's a must-play for all fans of the duo, and a good introductory-level game for newbies.
Full Demo 499kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Full Demo 499kb (uploaded by Abandonia)
included in 10 Great Games (Telstar) - Clone ISO Demo 7MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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