La Dinastia Fantasma [It] Pixel Informatica / Topware Informatica 1998

You play as an archaeologist who has a recurring nightmare. During one of these nightmares he is given a scroll and goes in search of the tomb of a pharaoh who imprisons the souls and wants to live again. This adventure has beautiful 3D animations, enveloping sound, exciting music, and an engaging plot... all in 2 CD-ROM with over 90 minutes of three-dimensional animations and throbbing action. It has dozens of items and information to collect and analyze; a rich cast of characters with which to interact and seamless integration with the dark and mysterious atmosphere of the past; up to 40 different settings, dozens of puzzles to solve and 50 hours of addictive gameplay, great visual effects in Super-VGA graphics, and connecting to the Internet for a quick on-line help. It contains a comprehensive Interactive Encyclopedia of ancient Egypt with hundreds of terms and images that will accompany you throughout the game. Virtual Tourist : interactive journey of the most important archaeological sites and places of interest in modern and Pharaonic Egypt, illustrated with over 15 minutes of video and described accurately with highly professional texts.
Italian 2CD ISO Demo + Official Patch (provided by myloch & upped by Scaryfun) 1.06GB+4.42MB

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