Corum II: Dark Lord Hicom Entertainment / Software2000 (Germany) 1998

The warrior Polker returns to his home village in Corum province after a thirteen-year-long war. Once there, he finds out that his parents were killed in a raid. Misfortunes continue when the mayor's daughter is kidnapped, and a valuable dragon statue stolen from the village. Polker sees no other choice but to find and punish the culprits - a plan that eventually drags him into a dangerous adventure and a battle against evil forces. Corum II: Dark Lord is an action role-playing game and a follow-up to Corum. The games are not directly connected to each other story-wise, but are set in the same world. Much of the game consists of interconnected hostile areas, where Polker fights enemies in action-based combat. Polker can use swords and cast different magic spells, which requires inputting combinations of keys. The protagonist receives experience points for defeating enemies and solving quests, but there is no manual character advancement: the hero's attributes increase automatically. The game is played completely with the keyboard and the progress can only be saved at certain points. The game comes with a soundtrack CD.
The game saw a German release by budget publisher Software2000 one year later.
Full Demo + Music CD ISO Demo 156MB+537MB (uploaded by Plexura)
Korean 4CD ISO Demo + German Translation 1.69GB+2.56MB (uploaded by

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