Planet Blupi Epsitec SA 1997

The Blupis, which look like yellow rubber balls, are living peacefully on their resource-rich planet. But then a evil robot lands on the planet and wants to kill every living creature by releasing a deadly virus. The game is played like most real-time strategy games of its time: The first business of the mission is the harvesting of resources, in this case wood, ore and stones. These resources are used to build buildings like work stations, laboratories or breeding sites. In turn these buildings are used for the production of food, brood, vehicles and chemicals. Instead of the usual "build a base and rush the enemy"-missions this game gives varied goals in its 30 levels, e.g. building a wall to defend the village from a forest fire or finding and escorting lost people. The game uses a mostly mouse controlled interface. The player selects Blupis and gives him orders by selecting an action from a pup-up menu. The right mouse button gives automatically the most appropriate order. The keyboard is used for several comfort functions like selecting multiple Blupis, changing the game speed or scrolling the visible part of the map. The player can "bookmark" spots on the map and return to this spot with a key combination. On 20th anniversary in 2017, it was made freeware and an open source version is available.
Full Demo 16MB (uploaded by Arena80)
Clone ISO Demo 44MB (uploaded by Wastrel)
Freeware Multi3 ISO v1.8 + Manual + Open Source v1.12 27.7+1.32+21.1MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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