Whale's Voyage II neo Software Produktions GmbH 1995

This sequel takes place twenty years after the crew of the spaceship Whale had won a great battle and became heroes, abolishing a powerful dictatorship. Now all of the money has been spent and the only thing the four heroes can do is to start trading again. The first job should be quite simple: just deliver some nuclear material to a foreign planet. There is also some payment in advance. But unfortunately the crew takes too much time for the delivery and so the easy job becomes a deadly task and they become involved in a conspiracy. This game is similar to its predecessor, being a role-playing game with trading elements. The character creation allows the player to shape four characters, distributing their primary attributes, among which are combat-related stats as well as categories such as rhetorics and humanity. The player also must select a flaw for each character, ranging from bad temper to epilepsy. These flaws may affect the character's future behavior in certain situations: for example, a clumsy character would sometimes drop an object from his inventory. The choice of education background determines the characters's class. The available classes are Soldier, Medic, Monk, Psionian, Biochemist, Bounty Hunter, Electrician, Rhetorician, Pilot, and Cybertechnician. Human or alien race traits are assigned to the characters randomly. When orbiting a planet, the player-controlled team can refuel, upgrade the ship with better components, or trade goods. Each planet has preference for a specific kind of wares, and the traders would declare it to the party. Unlike the first game, the player is not confined to one star system, though overall there are only nine planets to travel to in the game. Each planet is presented as a separate first-person maze-like environment. As opposed to the first game, exploration graphics are real 3D, with sprites for characters and objects. The interface has also been modified to include mouse control. Following the main quest involves talking to NPCs and fulfilling their requests, but the player is free to travel to any planet and explore them from the onset. Through traveling itself is automatic, the Whale may be ambushed by hostile ships on the way, participating in turn-based tactical ship combat. Ground combat, on the other hand, proceeds in real time, with a "general attack" option that makes the party attack at once. Like in other RPGs, the heroes earn experience points by killing enemies or solving quests. Events from the first game are referred to and some characters reappear. For example, a woman which will give the heroes a quest appeared in the first game, where she was still a little girl.
ISO Demo 363MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
Aber Hallo: Whale's Voyage 1 + 2 - German ISO Demo 480MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo with DOSBox 144MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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