Shadow Puppeteer Sarepta Studio 2014

This is a shared screen co-op adventure, about a Boy and his Shadow. Use lights and shadows to work together through 2D and 3D space. Once separated, they have to learn to work together as they chase after the Shadow Puppeteer. It's like "Little Big Planet" meets "Limbo" with an art style reminiscent of Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride". One player takes the role of a Boy. A Boy who witnesses the Shadow Puppeteer stealing all the shadows in the village, rendering their owners incapacitated. The second player is his Shadow, who eludes capture. Together they become a team that stands alone against the Puppeteer's scheme. The game takes the Boy and his Shadow on a journey through several diverse areas with different challenges, and faces them with terrible shadow monsters to overcome. It has platforming with use of shifting gravity, and manipulating the world using shadow tools. The two characters have different skills and abilities that they discover and develop throughout the game. They both interact with the world, though one interacts with the physical objects and the other with their shadows.
Multi-11 ISO Demo 1.07GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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