Tesla Breaks the World! Archetype Global 2014

This is a 2D puzzle platformer made with Unity. You play as none other than Nikola Tesla, who must battle 1800's era-undead and his arch nemesis, Thomas Edison. The art of is a unique, hand-drawn style that draws inspiration from classic cartoons, modern art and the legendary works of Eyvind Earle. The game that has a simple, yet intuitive gameplay and puzzle design with a clean and minimalistic UI. Find new ways to beat puzzles as you progress. Magnifying transmitters, electric-powered hover platform thingies, remote controls, Tesla Coils, X-Rays and even... Peace Rays... The less efficiently you are able to solve puzzles, the more likely zombies will spawn around you. Use your inventions wisely or expect things to get even more complicated... Get some replayability from this platformer with levels randomly generating sectors, puzzles and environments as you play. Limited lives make your decisions all that more important.
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ISO Demo 0.98GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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