Outland Housemarque / Ubisoft 2014

In the middle of Balance and Chaos, now stands one man whose efforts may bridge the ancient divide, or doom the world to destruction. The award-winning studio that made Super Stardust HD has created an ambitious platformer inspired by epic adventures such as the Prince of Persia series. Each player's adventure will take him between light and darkness and force him to adapt to an ever-changing world. Switch from light to dark to cope with the environment and fight enemy forces. The light versus dark core gameplay was inspired by the arcade classic Ikaruga. Test your swordplay: Run, Jump and climb to dodge the deadly traps of a world collapsing. Immerse yourself in a beautiful world doomed by chaos. - Unique signature graphics and audio give a new immersive experience in a mysterious and deadly world inspired by the Mayan mythology. An immersive soundtrack is composed by Ari Pulkkinen acknowledged for his work on the award winning Trine project.
Special Edition - Multi5 ISO Demo 763MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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