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The Suika interactive visual novel is divided into four chapters which contain different stories and characters, though all take place in the same rural town known as Tokiwa Village. In a short prologue upon starting a new game, the player assumes the role of Hiroshi Inaba as he arrives back in town for his annual visit of friends and family. It is here that the two heroines for the two upcoming chapters are seen through his eyes. In the first chapter, the player assumes the role of Akira Kazama and centers around his interaction with the first chapter's sole main heroine Itsuki Minase (voiced by Minami Nagasaki). In the second chapter, the protagonist is Souji Kamishiro who interacts with the second chapter's two main heroines Sayaka Shirakawa (voiced by Kanon Torii) and Mie Wakabayashi (voiced by Junko Kusayanagi). In the third chapter, the player plays as Yoshikazu Masaki who interacts with two heroines, Akane Masaki (voiced by Yura Hinata) and Touko Kyouya (voiced by Komugi Nishida). In the fourth and final chapter, the player returns to Hiroshi Inaba. This chapter centers around his interaction with a heroine who remains nameless throughout the story (voiced by Hiyori Haruno in Original and Azumi Nakatani in A.S.). An expanded version, entitled Suika A.S+ (水夏A.S+?), was released in Japan on September 24, 2004
Suika A.S+ - Full Demo 678MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Suika A.S+ - ISO Demo 773MB (uploaded by Meddle)

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