Blupimania Epsitec SA 1994

Blupimania is a puzzle game, more than an action game. The idea is that Blupi needs to make his way to a point in the game, and needs to arrange so that he finds a beautiful balloon to go to the next level. It is very much in the spirit of "Lemmings". Obstructing you are a variety of dangers and distractions, including walls, pits, banana peels (which turn Dr. Blupi into the psychotic Mr. Hyde-Blupi, who promptly rushes over and bursts the balloon that he so earnestly sought just moments earlier), evil robots, and doors that require keys. Often Blupi is not alone, several of his twin brothers are walking also in the game, and you should arrange so that everybody can find a balloon! The graphics are excellent VGA level creations. The game is composed of more than 150 puzzles, grouped into 8 categories. In addition, players can make their own puzzles. The game is in 3D isometric, with small nice music to accompany the part, and a range of fun sound effects. The game is now freeware.
Freeware ISO + French Floppy Image ISO v1.3 + Manual 1.93MB+1.22MB+5.82MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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