Dreamfall Chapters Red Thread Games / IMGN.PRO 2014

This is a three-dimensional adventure game which is the third installment of the series which includes The Longest Journey from 1999 and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey released seven years later for which the story continues the themes presented in it. The player learns yet again visits three words. Arcadia, full of magic, Stark, dominated by technology, and mysterious Storytime, where all the stories are born and dreams become flesh. In stark action starts in the year of 2220. The vision of these times, presented by the developers, is not optimistic. Following the WatiCorp's discovery of a technology enabling conscious exploration of dreams called Dreamer, the society stands at the edge of a disaster as more and more people prefer the world of dreams rather than reality. The situation in Arcadia is not good, either. Azadi Empire cruelly rules the eastern lands, and its armies conquered the northern lands, as well, and the capital city, Marcuria. Dreamfall Chapters is the culmination of the history of Zoe Castillo – a gril coming from the Stark who can travel to Arcadia in her dreams. In the later parts of the campaign, we also direct a man named Kian Alvane that after the events of the previous game was convicted of treason of Azadi Empire and awaits his execution in prison. In terms of gameplay mechanics, it's a classic adventure game, meaning it is mainly about gathering objects, engaging in dialogues and solving puzzles. In the game you will not find any combat or stealth sequences. The game world is fully three-dimensional and encourages exploration. Many of the areas have an open structure. In them, we get several tasks to perform and and the order of carrying them out is only up to us. While traveling through virtual worlds, small icons inform us about noteworthy places and objects which prevents clicking on everything that is on the screen. The game combines a system of direct movement, typical for third-person action games with point-n-click adventure game interface used to interact with the environment. The more traditionally minded fans of the genre may also direct the character using the mouse only. It offers an attractive three-dimensional graphics powered by Unity engine. The production was co-financed by the Norwegian Film Institute and part of the money was raised through a campaign on a popular crowdfunding platform. It will be released in five episodes - Book One: Reborn (Oct 21), Book Two: Rebels (Mar 10/2015), Book Three: Realms (Jun 25), Book Four: Revelations (Dec 3), Book Five: Redux (Jun 7/2016). On July 21/2017, a Final Cut free patch was released that optimizes the game and corrects multiple errors with graphics and sound improvements inherited from the console versions - including new character models, expanded soundtrack, voice acting overwritten and processed sound effects.
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The Final Cut X64 - GOG ISO Demo v5.7.4 (14247) + OST + Extras 9.02GB+668MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
Final Cut Video

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