Castle Fantasia: Seima Taisen / Castle Fantasia 2: Sacred War [J] Studio e.go! / GN Software / Symbio Planning 1998

Castle Fantasia: Seima Taisen is the second in the three-part Japanese tactical RPG game series, Castle Fantasia, created by Studio E-Go! and illustrated by E-Go! artist Yamamoto Kazue. It was rereleased on December 22, 2000 as Castle Fantasia 2: Seima Taisen Renewal. Castle Fantasia 2 is a turn-based tactical RPG, with extensive visual novel–like story intermission scenes. In Castle Fantasia 2 you play as Hewie, commander of the seventh holy knight corps. He has a keen mind for strategy and tactics, seeing through and predicting enemy plans. However, his laid-back attitude causes him to be kept in a low regard by his commanding officers, friends and even his subordinates. The Renewal re-release includes high-resolution CG images, voice acting for all character dialogue and CD audio music.
Japanese 3CD ISO Demo + English Translation + bugfix 1.21GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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