Squishy the Suicidal Pig Tomi Maarela, Elias Viglione / Panic Art Studios 2014

From the creators of Hero Siege, this is a puzzle platformer with a counter-intuitive goal where you play as Squishy, a pig in a yellow sweater who's trying to reach his parents in animal heaven by completing his deal with the devil. You asked for a challenge, now you have it. This game is no picnic. It makes you grin, scratch your head, stop you from breathing and maybe even throw your controller to the wall. Squishy's journey goes through the forests, deadly deserts, snowy mountains all the way into space! The game provides complex puzzles, tough platform jumping and timing. It features: over 40 levels to explore - Four boss fights with three difficulty settings, Speedrun mode where you complete the whole game in one sitting + online highscores, Minigames, lots of Hats, over a dozen achievements, colorful and beautiful pixel art graphics.
Full Demo 17MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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