Mythos: The Beginning Dark Gaia Studios / Degica 2014

This is a survival horror/adventure role playing game based on the pulp-horror and monster movies of the 1930s. Set in London in 1934, Mythos tasks you with creating your own paranormal investigator from scratch and guiding them through a frightening exploration of the infamous Harborough Asylum. Throughout the night you'll discover that Harborough Asylum's reputation is more than an urban legend, and you'll have to fight for your life against otherworldly Lovecraftian foes. You play as a renowned paranormal investigator, best known for solving a famous missing persons case several years ago. Tonight, Professor Harrison Blacktail, a mysterious academic somehow connected to the asylum's past, has turned up in your hotel room at the Imperial Arms. He has commissioned you for the most dangerous case of your career: search for three missing students inside Harborough Asylum, and discover whether the terrifying legends are true. It blends traditional survival horror gameplay with a "true" tabletop-style RPG experience, complete with dialogue trees, non-combat skills and dice rolls. Create your character from scratch. Choose their gender, background and profession, and then role play them. Will you be a square jawed investigator, or an intrepid journalist? Pen and paper RPG inspired character advancement system. Levels are gone forever. Spend EXP directly to buy stats and skill increases. Multiple ways to play the game - Don't want to fight the enemies? You don't have to.Gain EXP for correctly utilizing non-combat skills such as Persuade and Occult Lore. Fully voice acted dialogue. Utilizes the fantastic Mythos Graphics Pack by PV Games to create an immersive horror experience. Completely custom soundtrack exclusive to Mythos. Later, a free upgrade to a Director's Cut version was released. It has overhauled and rebalanced gameplay mechanics, new skill checks and more ways to progress through the game, new and rewritten dialogues, new rooms containing new items and scares, two new enemy types, and it integrates the free DLC Edge of Madness into the base game.
Trial Demo 156MB (uploaded by RPG Maker)
Full Demo v1.6 151MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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