Stygma [Sp] Micronet 2003

Stygma, like its predecessor Skyzo , is a game that will put the user in an unreal world that will challenge your senses. This is the second part of a trilogy, a series that will not leave an indifferent user and in which technology has improved to include illusions and more novel and original effects. It's a mental challenge, where you test your senses, and a new gaming concept that combines perception and logic, reality and magic, suspicion and evidence. The user will go through games and will be exposed to a multitude of puzzles that motivate the advancement and achievement of the objectives in each test. Stygma contains over 30 pre-rendered excellent graphic quality settings, a soundtrack with 15 tracks that make up an entire techno-trance session, 14 games and tests of skill, intros of great visual impact, 14 proposals for reality-illusion, 14 optical illusions and puzzles, and 2 sets of magic.
Spanish ISO Demo 416MB (uploaded by AbandonSocios)

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