Playing History: Vikings Serious Games Interactive 2014

Navigating Erik in his journey from cradle, youth and eventual grave; you experience his journey towards becoming a true Viking within an interactive environment. It is times of change as the old beliefs are challenged by a new God and trade routes mean contact with people from strange lands. The game focuses on civilized trading as well as the faith and brutality of the viking era; a time when Christianity arrived in the North and became the dominant faith. You cannot change history, but you can make a difference by becoming chieftain; Will you take your rightful place - or will you fade into the abyss of history? This is a casual learning adventure game where the narrative unfolds as you make decisions, complete quests, master fighting and get the good trade deals. Navigating Erik you will have to: make the right decisions and talk to the right people, fight off enemies trying to take over your land, collect secret coins for extra loot, collect gold by spotting historical anachronisms, and also you may acquire the favor of the gods to help you and Erik's journey. This game in the series now provides a fully realized 3 dimensional world to interact with, a deeper and more engaging game experience as well as more ambitious mini-games. You are able to experience the world of the Vikings first hand, and through interactions learn about significant historical events of the Vikings' era.
Full Demo 101MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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