I Will Escape Blue Label Studio 2014

Brian wakes up in a prison cell stripped of all his gear. He can't remember what has happened in the last 24 hours. The only thing he does know: I Will Escape! It's a single leveled game that takes place in a prison complex with lots of rooms, sewers and different buildings. The main goal is to escape from the prison without being noticed. There are different puzzles to be solved and you have to use anything you can find to distract and avoid the guards. 3 hours of addictive game play where the player slowly discovers why Brian ended up in this situation and what is at stake if he cannot escape. The game is a third person action/adventure game with a playtime of minimal 3 hours (it could be longer).The main mechanics are walking, jumping, hanging, kicking, crouching, walking through shafts, grabbing items, using inventory and building traps. It is not an easy game and does not include hints such as reflective items or particles around interactive objects.
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ISO Demo 763MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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