Kim Possible: Legend of the Monkey's Eye Sarbakan / Disney Online 2006

This is for those who adore action and adventure games. It is based on the famous Disney Channel Show and features one of the Disney's most popular characters, Kim Possible. At the beginning of the game you learn that Monkey Fist discovered the mystic power of the Monkey's Eye to create an evil ape empire, transforming all the humans into monkeys. Assume the role of Kim, a young teenage girl who is going to defeat Monkey Fist and save the world from this chaos. Be ready to kick, jump and punch during six unique levels fighting against Monkey Ninjas and Mecha-Monkeys. You will take part in challenging levels set in three different locations. You should do everything you can to steal back the Monkey's Eye and save mankind. It's an exciting mix of action and adventure genres designed with 3D graphics and quite suitable sound system. Everything is depicted in a cartoon-style, including characters, backgrounds, locations, and the rest. You will listen to quite relevant background music as well as sound effects. It has six unique levels to take part in, two types of monkeys to fight - monkey ninjas and mecha-monkeys, and three different locations to visit.
Full Demo 18MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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