Barbie In The 12 Dancing Princesses Activision 2006

A major DVD and toy initiative, this is the story of Barbie as Genevieve, 1 of 12 sisters who live happily with their father the king. Concerned that the high-spirited, independent princesses need more structure to become proper princesses, the king invites his cousin, the Dutchess Rowena to move into the castle. Rather than help, Rowina forbids the sisters from singing and dancing and squelches their individuality. The princesses discover a magical enchanted world and escape the tyranny of Rowena. But when Genevieve learns that their father's life is in danger, the sisters must unite to save the king and their kingdom. The King has fallen under Rowena's poison spell she and her sister must search the magical world for a Vial of Elixir that can save him - but will they be able to return to the castle before it's too late? Help Genevieve run jump and twirl her way to find each of the other princesses. Once you reunite them all help the sisters use the power of love music and dance to save their kingdom and restore the King to health. Find the 11 princesses and their magical gems. Explore 6 beautiful areas in the Magical World including the Water Terraces Hanging Gardens and Royal Courtyard. Create dance steps and special moves for each princess to enchant their magical dancing slippers. It has 6 exciting game levels and four unlockable mini games. Use special skills and gifts from each sister to overcome obstacles and save the king from the poison potion.
ISO Demo 724MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo 646MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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